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  • What Is Rhodium Plating?
    Many contemporary jewelry items especially those made of white gold, are electroplated in rhodium to enhance shine and durability. Read More
  • How To Buy A Gemstone
    Learn how to buy a gemstone in 7 simple steps. Click on Read More to go over this tutorial for how to buy a gemstone. Read More
  • Gold Education
    Since prehistoric times, gold has been a valued and coveted resource. Gold is referenced in the New Testament as well as in numerous literary works of ancient Greek. Gold was lauded in Read More
  • Diamond Cut
    The cut is what makes a diamond beautiful. No matter what color or clarity a diamond has it will not be beautiful unless it is cut to perfection. Diamonds are cut according to an exact mathematical formula. Read More
  • Diamond Clarity
    How clear a diamond is will influence its price and desirability. Learn more about clarity and how it will influence your purchase decision. Read More
  • Diamond Carat
    Here we`ll explain how to choose the right carat weight of diamond to fit your needs and your budget. Find out what carat weight is best for you. Read More
  • Diamond Color
    When shopping for a diamond, it is generally preferred to have the least amount of color possible. Diamond color is divided into five broad categories: Read More
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